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TRASH is culture, and culture is TRASH.

TRASH is celebrating music, film and entertainment in its many guises, across all genres, regardless of anyone telling you it’s trash.

TRASH is finding guilty pleasures innocent, promoting the pride in whatever, and realising it’s all trash.

TRASH is encouraging debate knowing that the opposition’s opinion isn’t trash.

TRASH is born from a mutual love of various pop culture legends, and even more disagreed agreements for each other’s trash.

TRASH is non-conformist, bad retro, celebratory, super uncool, top quality, all inclusive, unapologetic trash.

TRASH is pop art, pop muzik, pop trash.

TRASH is trash.


Editor-in-chief Dan Bull (dan@movetotrash.co.uk)

Creative Director Robert Gershinson (rob@movetotrash.co.uk)

Contributors Ashley Powys, Dominic Kirkbride, Dominic Passfield, Polly Tickle, Will Warren

Want to celebrate your trash with us? Email Dan to find out how you can contribute to the site.

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