A huge thank you to everyone who has supported TRASH over the last two and a half years…

2020 is the perfect time for a change, so we are officially moving TRASH to trash, but don’t worry – the podcasts and some of the features you love will continue.

Be sure to follow @trackbytrackuk to be the first to hear about the return of your favourite music podcast, and a brand new website where you’ll also be able to find new Late Late Reviews and more.

Follow @TornStubsPod to be the first to know about the upcoming series of the best movie podcast out there.

And last but by no means least, a HUGE thanks to Nicky Lee-Delisle for looking after the New Music Blag section of the site, and her involvement with the TRASH Live nights. To see what she gets up to next follow her here: @Nicky__Lee.

Over and out…

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