Inbetween penning songs on the French highway and shooting music videos in the California desert, Veronica Fusaro still found the time for a quick Q&A.

Who: Globe-trotting, Soul-Pop singer Veronica Fusaro

The Q&A:

Congratulations on the release of your 2nd single ‘Run My Mind’, what initially inspired the track?

I think the idea started from me messing around with my loop station during soundcheck somewhere on this planet. I can’t recall the place, but I really liked the feel of the beat/loop that I did. I recorded it with my phone and started mumbling some words and that first line of the song came out of my mouth. When writing the song, I felt like I was running from something, trying to distract myself from a certain something that I didn’t want to face. 

We heard you wrote the single while travelling through France, do you have any other songs which were written against amazing backdrops?

Yes I did almost finish it while being on the road with Eagle-Eye Cherry in France! That was an awesome tour, I loved discovering the different cities of France, something about their culture makes me feel a bit at home. I guess there’s another two that I’d like to point out. One is my grandma’s place in Italy, where I love to write on the balcony facing the sunset (my favourite one, in the whole wide world), watching the sky turn into this beautiful spectrum of colours. The second one is my hometown, which is a city called Thun in Switzerland. There’s some corners of this city that look like a postcard that a tourist would send back home; Mountains all around a lake with boats on it, a castle or two and whatever other thing you’d expect to be on a postcard from Switzerland.

You also played Glastonbury this year, how did you find the experience?

That was a really cool experience, Glastonbury is this sort of festival that everybody or at least a lot of people know about. I loved the atmosphere, the people and spirit, the gig was great and I had a lot of fun!

Did you see any other artists perform while you were there?

Yes I did, my recent favourite Joy Crookes for example. I was really excited to see her play, since I had discovered her just around that time. I also saw Billie Eilish (duh), The Streets, The Cure, Tom Walker and many others. It was really inspiring to watch these artists perform, I soaked in every second of the experience. Tom Walker was especially inspiring to me, since he had played the same stage I was played this year, but two years ago.

Which other artists are you inspired by?

Amy Winehouse, Lana Del Rey, Beth Hart, The Supremes… lately I’ve been listening to all the Beatles Albums, from top to bottom. These are some of my absolute favourites, but there’s a long list of artists that I admire.

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