As well as iconic landmarks, the Las Vegas strip also offers great places to stop and have a twerk.

Hot on the heels of her debut single Soft, Fox Sinclair drops a vibrant RnB hit Playing To Win alongside a bold and playful video which sees the LA songwriter making the most of the bright lights and backdrops of the Las Vegas strip.

If the message to her lover to step up their game isn’t clear enough in the simmering verses ‘why do you want to play to lose? Get it right or fuck it baby, you chose’ then Fox Sinclair makes it known she can do without as she makes her way across Sin City. Following her through the city, it’s difficult to not be envious of the outfit changes which Fox Sinclair indulges in along the way. Posing on top of a hot-pink Cadillac parked outside the famous White Chapel requires a killer outfit such as 60’s style monochrome mini dress but for twerking in casinos more comfortable, yet still exceptionally chic, attire is needed.

There’s been a recent surge on the hip-hop and RnB scene in which female rappers and singers are claiming back their femininity and sexuality and Fox Sinclair seems to be not only making strides in this movement, but also just simply having fun with it.

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