The return of Coldplay and Rufus Wainwright, brand new treasure from rising stars, an instant classic B-side from Pet Shop Boys and our first Christmas entry of the year on this week’s New Music Blag Mixtape.

Coldplay – Arabesque

A new chapter begins for Coldplay with the release of their eighth studio (and first double) album, Everyday Life. Bombastic, world music filled track Arabasque begins as a beat led, acoustic intro before swirls of brass lead it into a cyclone of fuzz and noise. This is the band at their most experimental, and most Bowie-like.

Hot Minute – Hell Is Empty

The Manchester based trio are proving two points with their new track; the first one being that the protest song is certainly not dead and the second point is that feminism isn’t a bore. Shouting loud about the rampant misogyny within the music industry above soaring, 80’s synths and fierce, disco beats is now our favoured format of protesting.

Pet Shop Boys – An Open Mind

Arguably more than any other band, Pet Shop Boys always deliver with the b-sides and extra single content, and this track from the Dreamland single is the sort of polished pop you’d expect from them and producer Stuart Price, with a tip of the hat to their mid-’90s output.

HATT – Lay Down

A simmering, pounding electro floor-filler is the latest gift from the French duo as Garage, 90’s House and trimmings of Funk is mashed together to form an adrenaline-inducing, soon-to-be club favourite.

MF Tomlinson – Nietzsche’s Day Off

A reminder that even world famous, historical philosophers should take a break with a cup of mushroom tea every now and then. The beatnik vibe will have you clicking your fingers along to the super-chilled beat and perhaps referring to everyone as ‘cool cats’ even after one listen.

Rufus Wainwright – Trouble In Paradise

Rufus channels his inner Queen (the band) on this majestic, rock fuelled, honky tonk, harmony filled track from an upcoming new collection, following this year’s celebration of his debut, Poses.

Lux Lyall – Gun Metal Horses

Dripping in the type of tragic, luxurious glamour which follows in Lana Del Rey’s footsteps, Lux Lyall shrouds her latest single in mysterious strings and elegant vocals.

Donna Missal – You Burned Me

Ahead of a support slot with the mighty Lewis Capaldi on his European tour, L.A. based singer/songwriter Donna Missal releases the lead track from her second album, with chilled verses complimented by brassy choruses and a killer vocal.

Bokito – Cut Her Down

TRASH faves Bokito unleash yet another jerky pop anthem, with a rhythm you can’t help but shuffle to, and a chorus that can only make you smile as you attempt to move like frontman Moses.

White Tail Fails – Give It Up Son

Disorientating, layered vocals hit us from all angles as the track creeps in before the London based artist borrows a page from Metronomy’s song book through soft, yet funky rhythms and emotive story-telling.

Alex Bayly – Animal

Your new soundtrack for those atmospheric, autumnal walks as the soothing acoustics, doubled up with Alex Bayly’s velvet vocals, lulls you into a sense of floating serenity while the melancholic strings adds just the right amount of drama.

Liam Payne – All I Want (For Christmas)

It’s official: If a member of 1D confirms it’s OK to listen to Christmas songs then it is. Liam Payne‘s piano-led attempt at “doing a Mariah” is full of lyrics of heartbreak and presents under the tree, which is a winning formula for guaranteed income every December.

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