Reviving the tradition of the concept album, Gazel has opened up her Book of Souls to reveal to the world the magic of our minds.

Gazel’s Book of Souls follows the story of a young girl who sets out on a journey to discover the cause of the fire which destroyed her village in order to clear her Grandpa’s name. Along the way she encounters many souls which teaches her about the deeper illusions which lay deep within our minds.

The instrumental of The Forest introduces us to the drama and the adventure which we are about to discover within. Haunting vocals, seemingly from afar, takes us to the very basis of nature before gliding in to the gentle melodies of Pointing At The Moon. Gazel steps out on the journey of self-discovery as the soothing rhythms soon crackle with electricity as she urges us to ‘sing for the ones who made us.’ Following this we are introduced to Mina, a widow entrapped by her own past and it is here that Gazel taps into her own roots, expertly blending the traditions of her own Turkish heritage with the electro-beats of the modern world.

The tone is soon lifted with the light and breezy Walk On Land – the latest single of the album. Steel drums resonate with the dreamy layering of vocals which wraps us up in a gentle innocence not unlike a wholesome Disney soundtrack, however, it is not long before we are reminded what we came here for. Book of Souls creeps back in with witchy chanting and dripping beats which lures us back into Gazel’s storytelling.

The story of vanished lands, mischievous charlatans and journeys of the self are continued as creeping beats, spoken philosophical musings and soulful, passionate vocals float through the air. It was a rather brave decision to deliver a concept album as a debut, but Gazel has placed her talents as a storyteller, musician and producer into an all-in-one package which leaves us all gazing at the moon and day-dreaming about far-away lands.

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