Tonight at Leicester Square Theatre, Musik – the follow up to Pet Shop Boys & Jonathan Harvey’s Closer To Heaven – opens, following a successful run at Edinburgh Fringe. In celebration, we’re going through the Closer To Heaven cast recording track by track…

Closer To Heaven originally premiered in May 2001, and saw Pet Shop Boys Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe join forces with Jonathan Harvey (Gimme Gimme Gimme, Beautiful People) for a pop musical, telling tales of nightclubs, drug culture, the music industry, sexuality and dysfunctional families. A recent revival at Above The Stag theatre has just come to an end, however a follow up, one-woman show, Musik, opens tonight, centred around Billie Trix.

This week on Track By Track it’s a first for Dan & Will, as they turn their attention to a cast recording rather than an album proper. Hear what they thought to the music, the performers and the characters. And for Further Listening, they take a listen to some of Pet Shop Boys’ own versions of the tracks.

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