Release Date: October 1994

Achievements: No Need to Argue hit the number one spot in the Australian, Austrian, Canadian, French, German, New Zealand and Spanish album charts and number 2 in the UK, Swiss, Dutch and Belgian album charts. It also went 7x Platinum in the USA, 5x Platinum in Australia and Canada, and 3x Platinum in the UK and Spain. So yeah, people wanted to buy it.

Rating: A fair few high scores, 4/5 stars from AllMusic and Q, but a pretty scathing 4/10 from NME and 2.5/5 stars from Rolling Stone.

Get out your diaries folks. Mark todays date as the day that the Late Late review celebrates a release date anniversary early, rather than about 2 weeks behind. I mean, it’s not too much of a celebration as it’s still taken me (just under) 25 years to listen to the Cranberries’ best selling album.

Let’s not beat around the bush. This album contains the well known song Zombie, which is the Cranberries’ most successful single and won Best Song at the 1995 MTV Europe Music Awards. Written as a protest against the 1993 IRA bombings in Warrington where two boys, 3 and 12 years old respectively, were killed. Dolores O’Riordan (the lead singer) wrote the song to show that the IRA did not represent all Irish people (the lyric “it’s not me, it’s not my family” is the best representation of this).

This feeling of protest is apparent throughout the album. Ridiculous Thoughts deals with O’Riordan’s issues with the British press. The Icicle Melts again deals with the loss of a child as a result of violence. There’s also a lot about loss, with a number of the other songs about the end of relationships etc.

You may have read the above and thought ‘well, this sounds like a downer” and that’s probably right, but it’s a brilliant album. The band intentionally decided to take on a heavier sound than in their debut album  and it has that really classic 90’s grungy rock girl thing about it, which now I think about it I may have said about Sheryl Crow… anyway.

I doubt this will be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s well worth a listen.

Yes, it’s not going to get you in the party spirit, but let’s be honest, protesting is big right now, so maybe listen to it while you make a sign for something?

Is there an iconic film or album you think I should have experienced by now? Let me know @MoveToTRASHUK #latelatereview

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