The summer holidays have now officially drawn to a close but we’re still clinging on with this week’s fresh, sunny sounds.

Hollie Cook – Dance in the Sunshine

Although there’s not much sunshine left for us to follow Hollie Cook‘s instructions, we’re clinging on to the last remnant’s of summer with the tropical melodies and dreamy, soaring vocals.

Kelsea Ballerini – Homecoming Queen?

A slice of Americana wafts through our speakers as earthy vocals and soft, country acoustics delicately wrap themselves around this emotive ballad.

Sam Williams – Weatherman

His own Dad, Hank Williams, might have sang it first back in 1981, but Sam Williams offers soulful, rugged vocals as he embraces his inheritance.

Matthew Chaim – Reason

The delicate and minimalist intro eases us in before a charming crossover of RnB and electronica takes hold as we’re taken on a journey through blended melodies.

Indigo Lo – Electric Behaviour

Fans of The Horrors will find themselves drawn in by the psychedelic synths and swirling, kaleidoscope of sound as the band prepare for their upcoming, eponymous debut album.

Daniella Mason – Woman, Lover, Powerful

A punchy, colourful pop track which shouts to the rooftops and celebrates all the layers to being a woman. All the while packing in catchy hooks, impactful lyrics and wonderfully unique vocals.

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