They may have just seen another busy festival season draw to a close, but that doesn’t mean that Apollo Junction can now put their feet up as they celebrate the release of their debut album Mystery.

We dive head-first into their sonic soundscapes with the aptly-titled opening track Begin, where the fuzzy-pop synths warmly wrap themselves around the uplifting lyrics as we’re told to ‘look at the sky!‘. Through the hazy riffs and euphoric chorus, the five piece indulge their Britpop influence, but thankfully, minus the swaggering arrogance. Apollo Junction then take one step back further in time to the pulsating sounds of the 1980s via their latest single In Your Arms. Although the track is a passionate plea of love, the driving bass and the sharp edges of the riffs prevent the single from falling in to any of the cliche trappings of love ballads.

From shoe-gazing to shoe-shuffling, Mystery soon takes a dramatic turn with Paris as a simmering tension soon explodes into a floor-filling, indie-dance track. This is before we are marched into the pounding rhythm of This Could Be The Day and the rousing urgency of Born For Now – a touching ode to those of us who are still figuring it all out in life. One of the (many) reasons Apollo Junction accumulate a mass following wherever their tour van happens to take them is due to the heartfelt honesty which they pour into their lyrics. They readily acknowledge that life can be an uphill struggle yet without sugarcoating, they still manage to spur their listeners forward. This is especially shown in the gentle sway of All My Life, If I Fell and the grittier sound of Lost Ones, which could have been lifted from the pages of Brett Anderson’s secret songbook.

Anyone who has seen Apollo Junction live will testify that they will not allow you to stand still at the back of the room and now they are applying this rule further with Mystery. What Are You Waiting For? urgently requires that we get up from our seats as playful distortions get the adrenaline pumping before the haunting sweetness of Jayne.

If Begin is an appropriate track to, yeah you guessed it, begin Mystery then Always Remember is certainly the track to wrap it all up neatly. The fun and funky rhythm pulls us all in close before soaring into an anthem of a chorus which perfectly summarises the ethos of Apollo Junction. No matter who you are or where you are in the world, they want to invite you to the dance floor.

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