On the second hottest day on record, we invited three of the hottest new acts to The Social for the second TRASH Live. Yes… It was hot.

Fresh and feisty Swedish Maydar was the first to step up to the stage with her own blend of RnB and Pop mixed in with her own brand of dark humour. Maydar isn’t one to suffer fools gladly which was not only hinted in the energetic performance of her latest single, Body Bag, and the simmering Sweet Talk, but also in her deliciously dark confessions to the crowd. Despite her tough-as-nails lyrics, the crowd was peeled away from the cool comfort of the air-conditioning unit and were very soon down the front of the stage to kick start the night’s hip-shaking action to the sleek RnB rhythms.

Five-piece Bokito were up next, delivering wonky, folksy, indie-pop to dance to — and as you can already tell from the description, they’re not an easy band to put into a box. Bravo. Frontman Moses leads the dance, throwing himself around The Social’s mini-stage with moves somewhere between Beyoncé’s Single Ladies and a cossack dance, and as much as the crowd try to mirror it, they cannot. How could they? And how could Moses, and the rest of the band for that matter, not move while performing tracks like How Dare You, Colleen Brawn and upcoming single Freckle Leather. A masterclass in songwriting craftsmanship and delivering the goods with stage presence a-plenty.

Closing this edition of TRASH Live, Italian electro-pop duo Pristine Babe brought the synths and the sass. Since the release of power-ballad Moonlight last year they’ve been a firm favourite, and the track sounds just as good live — equal parts vintage shimmer and present day heartbreak. As performers it’s an incredibly powerful dynamic: Penelope delivers the vocals, glammed up and daring with her belt baring the word KUNT, and moving to the music with the full faith that these are some of the best 80s inspired pop tracks since the actual 80s. From behind the keyboard, and when not battling a failing microphone stand with Basil Fawlty like mannerisms, Gerardo is a subtle performer, but just as entertaining when closing his eyes and feeling the beat. And in between tracks, they’re just as entertaining as they bicker and talk over each.

Bouncy second single Lolita is given a half English/half Italian outing, and the show is closed with recent release Destiny — their first foray into disco, and a track that crescendos from gentle keyboard chords to an explosion of synth sounds, echoed vocals and pounding beats. If you already like what you hear, just wait until you see them live, and prepare yourselves to stan.

TRASH Live will return…

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