It’s the last Bank Holiday of the year so make the most of it with this scorcher of a Mixtape.

Declan McKenna – British Bombs

A song that is “outright against war, in any form” — and rightfully so — Declan McKenna returns with a hint of what to expect from his follow up to critically acclaimed 2017 debut, What Do You Think About The Car? British Bombs takes aim at the British arms trade with an upbeat, jumpy beat and an angsty vocal.

Working Men’s Club – Teeth (Gabe Gurnsey Remix)

Following a summer of festival appearances, and ahead of their first UK headline tour, four-piece Working Men’s Club have allowed Gabe Gurnsey to get his (Factory Floor) to get his teeth into their latest track, turning the krautrock-influenced track into a dirty acid disco anthem.

Joywave – Obsession

Obsession is one of those tracks that hits you with the first few seconds and already feels like an old favourite — swirls of synths, percussion, effects, and all delivered with 110%. The four-piece New York based band are over in the UK in November.

Joesef – Don’t Give In

Stark, soulful and experimental, Joesef’s third track is “about losing a battle I was never meant to win”. Catch him live in London and his hometown Glasgow next month.

SYML – Meant To Stay Hid

He’s shared the stage with the mighty Lewis Capaldi, so could SYML become the next big male artist? With compositions as stunning as this it’s possible. Beginning as a minimal ballad, Meant To Stay Hid gently becomes a euphoric experience, showcasing a winning formula for heartfelt balladry.

Julian Lamadrid – Die Young

A nod to the ‘80s synth-pop influences that formed his early music taste, Die Young uses the sounds of the decade as a landscape, with hints of a more DIY indie rock approach in the foreground — not too dissimilar to some of The 1975’s stuff.

Kwassa – nyc (demo)

A chilled summer vibe that dips and dives throughout, nyc (demo)kwassa’s first self-produced release to date — is a bite-size, soundtrack like collection of sounds and effects, woven together by a warm, sometimes vocoder, vocal.

Freda James – Her Hymn

A track woven in a delicate vulnerability where velvet vocals wraps itself around an intimate melodies. Halfway through the track you’ll be fooled into thinking that Freda James is sat just across the room from you due to the soft passion with which she sings.

Honest Men – My Mind

The jolting rhythms demands that you sit up and pay attention before easing into a soaring optimism contained in the soaring chorus. The indie-rockers strike the right balance in creating a sing-a-long hit with just enough grit in the riffs to rock out to.

Gallant – Sleep On It

An intimate and cosy offering as a soothing acoustic guitar is layered with swaying RnB beats while Gallant’s luscious vocals captivate us in it’s natural charm.

CAFOLLA – 1985

Has anything changed since the ’80s? Perhaps the boxy shoulder pads and the poodle perms but not much in terms of society as CAFOLLA tells us over dramatic synths and neon soundscapes.

Nikita Bassi – Rescue

The rules of RnB are being rewritten by newcomer Nikita Bassi. Catherdral organs mixed with vibrant percussion shouldn’t work but the sound emitting from our speakers respectfully disagrees.

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