If it’s new and worth blagging about, you will find it here on this week’s Mixtape.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – This Is The Place

A sonic soundscape swirls around Noel’s latest experiment as he dives head first into the realms of the psyche in the title track of his upcoming EP. Funky grooves sit beneath spiritual, soaring backing vocals which makes us almost forget his ongoing Twitter feuds.

Theo Bard – Forget

A track which ebbs and flows in it’s eerie melodies but sits comfortable in it’s own darkness. Theo Bard isn’t shy in pushing the realms of distortion as he fully succeeds in immersing us in his emotions.

Dante Matas – Talking To Yourself

This optimistic and breezy new single is like a soothing cup of tea for our mind as Dante Matas acknowledges that inspirational quotes on the internet just don’t quite cut it sometimes.

Keane – Love Too Much

The second offering from Cause and Effect, Keane‘s first album in seven years, Love Too Much is a bouncy number that takes their formula for a well-crafted love song and puts it through a shiny electro-pop filter.

Geowulf – Round and Round

Another chilled track for the summer to add to an already healthy collection, Round and Round continues to showcase a more guitar-driven, 90s indie sound for the band’s second album, My Resignation.

The Beatles – Something (2019 Mix)

Not nearly ‘new’, half a century old in fact, but a new mix of one of The Beatles’ most stunning recordings for the upcoming Super Deluxe Edition of Abbey Road. (Notice how the organ’s turned up in the chorus.)

Glossii – Watching Me

Be careful not to cut yourself on the razor-sharp riffs of Glossii’s latest single which sets the pulse racing as fast as the pulsating rhythm. This should really come with a health warning.

KTEE – Rich

Although the Austrian singer doesn’t need material things, her latest single is wealthy in vibrant, pop melodies and a rock hard rhythm.

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