It’s August. It’s *still* Summer. And these are the hottest new tracks on this New Music Friday.

Husky Loops – I Think You’re Wonderful

A ridiculously intriguing track that takes you by the hand through a whirlwind of styles, settling on all and none of them. I Think You’re Wonderful is from the Italian/Londoners’s upcoming debut, I CAN’T EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH, and is wonderful.

Bang Bang Romeo – The Look

It’s a good time to be Bang Bang Romeo, and it’s a good time to be a Bang Bang Romeo fan. With a 10 country tour opening for P!nk, their own headline tour coming up, and all before releasing their debut album, this week BBR drop a cover of Roxette‘s The Look, as heard at Isle of Wight Festival.

Liimo – If You Love Me

A fizzy synth-pop power ballad from the Liimo lads, led by a singalong chorus, shimmering electronics and a hell of a drop. They get better with every release.

Deportees – Covered In Dreams

Swedish trio Deportees can boast many things: two Swedish Grammy Awards for best album, work outside of the band with Justice and Lykke Li, and now they can boast a lo-fi, anthemic track that soars with warm vocals, delicate keys and a driving bass line.

The Rails – Save The Planet

“Save the planet, it’s the least that you could do.” An even stronger message than Extinction Rebellion could manage, delivered via the medium of traditional folk. Save The Planet features a richer production than we’re used to from The Rails — a duo with more links to folk music greats than we could mention, and enough talent themselves to deem doing so necessary.

The Wandering Hearts – When The Party’s Over

Following their take on Mark Ronson & Miley CyrusNothing Breaks Like A Heart, The Wandering Hearts have taken some time off writing and recording their second album to put their own Nashville spin on Billie Eilish’s delicate track.

Lily Moore – Heart Of Glass

While Richard Curtis’ 1994 hit Brit rom-com Four Weddings and A Funeral had Wet Wet Wet’s cover of The TroggsLove Is All Around, the 2019 HBO series has Lily Moore’s stripped back take on Blondie’s Heart of Glass — and it’s just as iconic. With Moore’s smoky vocals on top of stark piano and guitar, and echoed harmonies throughout, it’s a haunting, original remake of an all time classic.

The S.L.P. – The Youngest Gary

The third preview of the debut self-titled album from The S.L.P. — aka Kasabian‘s Serge Pizzorno – and as with the previous tracks it’s an exciting sound: Acid washed guitar anthems that remix themselves, and dirty beats throughout.

Foals – Black Bull

While Part 1 Everything Not Save Will Be Lost saw Foals embracing more dance fuelled electronics than ever before, Part 2 sees the guitars turned up – and Black Bull is a track that charges through with pounding drums and Yannis Philippakis trademark yearning growl throughout.

Little Boots – Jump

Just weeks after her debut album, Hands, turned ten, Little Boots releases the EP Jump, with a title track that shows how she’s evolved over the last decade; sweet vocals still delivering honest lyrics, but a more underground dance scene providing the flavour.

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