After a terrifying look into the future via FaceApp, we’re certain that this week’s tunes will age better than we do.

Ed Tattersall – Clint Eastwood

A piano-led interpretation of the Gorillaz classic, with Ed’s gruff tones adding some extra soul to what was once a bizarre indie/hip-hop hybrid, but is now something else entirely, as the best covers always are.

JC Stewart – Bones

With plays on Radio 1 and fans including Niall Horan, JC Stewart’s career is heading for sky-high heights, and this powerful, soul-filled ballad is only going to keep that momentum going.

LION – Wolf

On the day The Lion King is released, LION asserts her status as a queen to watch, with a roar that’s louder than ever on this angsty chorus, on a song that’s about “being fucking scared and not knowing what you’re doing”… We can all immediately relate.

Skinny Living – My Blood

Upbeat, folksy sounds contradict a dark message on this track from ones to watch Skinny Living.

Videocean (ft Sea of Bees) – On Your Own

To celebrate 50 years of Nasa placing the first man on the moon, the South London Shoegazers team up with Sea of Bees to go beyond the stratosphere with their psychedelic new single capturing the hopeful spirit of 1969.

William Doyle (ft. Laura Misch) – Nobody Else Will Tell You

Known as East India Youth in his previous life, Doyle reflects upon the hidden beauties to be found in our surroundings with the sense of wonderment captured in the shimmering melodies and soulful sax.

Freja Frances – The Wolf

Fairytale inspired song writing which carries a deeper subtext of dealing with the struggles of mental illness. With rich, haunting vocals soaring above ethereal melodies, Frances creates an authentic and thoughtful poignancy.

Ayia Gold – Blue Skies

It almost goes without saying that a RnB slow jam is going to be sultry and seductive but Gold possess the added bonus of having vocals which (almost) rivals Mariah Carey’s in this short but very sweet track.

Planet – Never New

They may hail from Sydney, but you’d be forgiven for assuming this is an undiscovered Britpop act. Planet don’t hide away from their influences, but while Oasis and Kasabian are away, this is certainly room for this to be added to your playlist.

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