We’re TRASH. You’re TRASH. So show us you’re TRASH by sending us your TRASH.

Here at TRASH we love stuffing stuff in our ears – music, podcasts and the like – but we also love stuffing stuff right in our eyes too.

We want TRASH to become a showcase celebrating all of your creativity! We want to curate all of the best visual art that we can get our greedy irises on.

Send us your photography, your illustrations, your digital art, your analogue artwork, video work – everything! If you’ve peeled yourself off the sofa long enough to be creative and have produced an amazing series of work – send it our way and we’ll get it up on our site along with information on who you are, what you’re all about and how people can get in touch with you.

Everyone from burgeoning artists to professionals can submit but obvs there are some guidelines:

  1. Please send us between 5-20 images and/or a link to your video.
  2. Please send via WeTransfer or email – with the subject: I’M SHOWING YOU MY TRASH
  3. JPGs or PNGs please. Not insanely huge files please.
  4. Nudity is fine – no need to censor anything. We ain’t your grandma’s website. Nothing is too hot for us (obvs nude subjects have to be 18+… duh!)
  5. Please write a mini bio about you and your series. Make it fizz, you don’t want to send people to sleep. If the series is a ‘work-in-progress’, be sure to let us know.
  6. Please include your social media links, and the socials for anyone else involved in the project.
  7. Boring legal part: Copyright of your work stays with you – Mama didn’t raise no thief. By submitting, you grant us permission to showcase your work on our site and social media accounts.
  8. Be creative. Be daring. Be TRASHY!

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