It’s the last New Music Blag Mixtape before Glastonbury 2019 – expect tent-testing, spirit-decanting, welly-washing CHOONS galore.

Cats In Space – Narnia

The Cats have returned from space to deliver a psychedelic-glam epic about being a rock star in Narnia. Think Wizzard meets ELO.

The LaFontaines – Body

Rap ‘n’ Roll straight from Scotland, this track from the trio’s third album, Junior, allows slick lines, crunching guitar and a killer chorus to combine to create something that’s like a rawer Linkin Park or grungier Kasabian.

The Rhythm Method – Continental Breakfast

Part tropical Brits on tour holiday anthem, part political state of the nation broadcast – The Rhythm Method‘s ability to talk the talk so poetically plays out like the love child of Mike Skinner and Neil Tennant.

ALMA – Lonely Night

Such a sad banger that it should have been included on Mark Ronson‘s Late Night Feelings, after listening to this one it comes as no surprise to learn that ALMA has recently collaborated with Miley Cyrus.

James Deacon – Son Of Apollo

Warped synths and jittery bass play alongside electric guitar wails and James Deacon‘s shapeshifting falsetto for this track which fans of James Arthur should be all over.

Love Deluxe – Campari & Coke

What a sunny afternoon in the park with a pop-up bar actually sounds like – Love Deluxe‘s saxy, rhythmic number is as addictive as the drink itself.

Nicolaas – Real Escape (Disco Despair Remix)

The Hot Chip vibes are strong on this funky, laid back summer anthem.

Blue Lab Beats – Lipstick (feat. Jodie Abacus)

Funk and soul worlds collide as smooth vocalist Jodie Abacus guests on Lipstick from the most exciting thing to happen jazz since Ron Burgundy made the ‘j’ soft.

The S.L.P. – Nobody Else

While Kasabian‘s output continued grow in experimentalism, chief songwriter Serge’s new project allows him to write without going through the filter of one of the country’s biggest rock bands. The end result is indeed experimental – a house-infused, jazz-esque, piano-led track with a breakdown to die for.

Yellow Days – Just When

Ahead of Mac Demarco support slots, Yellow Days releases another slice of DIY, soul-infused, beat-led musings. He’s upgraded from his shed studio to LA, but the heart of the original project is still very much there.

Andrew Combs – Stars Of Longing

Lo-fi, soulful, indie musings from Nashville’s Andrew Combs, which is part Jack White fuzz, part Declan McKenna chill.

The Rails – Mossy Well

Warm, storytelling vocal harmonies – check. Swirling, folksy melodies – check. A track that builds from minimal singalong to atmospheric, yet still sparse number – check again. It’s another stunner from duo The Rails.

Blossoms – Your Girlfriend

With their Blossoms Pubcast topping the iTunes podcast chart, a headline slot at Community festival, and stops at Leeds/Reading, you get the impression that Stockport’s finest are literally living the dream, as this whimsical new track shows.

Hot Chip – Melody of Love

One of Britain’s much loved electronic quintets return with a new album, and this opener is one their most beautiful tracks to date, both musically and lyrically serene. Perfect soundtrack for a tandem bike ride for lovers.

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