Starting in Stockport and ending in Outer Space, No Hot Ashes talk to us about the post-apocalyptic soundscapes of their upcoming album Hardship Starship.

Who: They’ve been knocking around for a while now but No Hot Ashes have been making waves in recent years with a repertoire of Indie hits under their belts.

What to say: The quartet seem to be quite popular having amassed over 3.5 million plays on Spotify as well as selling out of 150 tickets at Manchester’s AATMA in under 10 minutes.

The Q&A:

You’re gearing up for the release of Hardship Starship, what can we expect from the album?

We’ve gone back to the music that we were in to before the band even started. We were listening to a lot of the old indie tracks and we thought ‘let’s write an album which is more like this’. We’ve written an album full of bangers basically. They’re all single worthy in my opinion.

The album title itself sounds like an apocalyptic sci-fi movie, is that intentional?

Hardship Starship was a term we coined in a song we did years ago, it just felt right as soon as we said it. It just fitted right away and I agree with the whole sci-fi element as even the font we used for it is from Blade Runner. There’s a sci-fi twist to it and the space stuff can be used as a metaphor for all the day to day things in shitty life. I do all the lyrics so it gave me something to refer back to all the time. It’s almost the stark contrast, I mean I’ll never actually get to space but I can talk shit about it. It’s better to talk about (space) then what’s going on day to day.

How did you all originally come together as a band?

This band is not new, we’ve been going for a few years now but we met at High school and formed the band a bit later on. We didn’t take it very seriously at the time but we’ve been going for nearly eight years now! We’ve only been taking it seriously for the past few and there’s something to be said for that because as individuals we’re all very different people but that’s what has kept it interesting for us, bringing together all those different experiences. We somehow all just still click whenever we’re in a room together. It’s kept us all on our toes. We’ve all found a serenity in this band, it keeps us going and out of trouble.

Out all of the gigs you’ve done together throughout the years, what’s the most memorable one?

We were doing the lower level (venues) in Manchester every week and now we’ve built up slowly from Sound Control – when it was still there – to the Academy and now we’re going to do the Ritz. All those Manchester gigs get better every time, it’s a bigger audience we can pull in each time who are always up for it and in tune with what we’re doing. I think the Academy 2 show was bit of a stand out for everyone. There’s something to take from every gig though which keeps you happy throughout the week.

Final question – it’s a trick one – if you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life what would it be?

*sharp inhale of breath* I mean, that is a tricky question! I can’t speak on behalf of the band because we’re all completely sideways – we’re all into all sorts of stuff but that Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers has been a unifying album I think between the four of us.

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