For those of you who couldn’t make it to the music event of the year we’re giving you the next best thing.

Pristine Babe – Destiny

‘Shake your booty to the beat’ are the instructions from the sassy electro-pop duo and we’re more than happy to oblige as we groove to the first of their double offering.

Zeke Finn – What You Need

A bristling, flowing electro-pop track which posses the unique combination of  gentle ambience with a catchy, contagious danceable rhythm.

Sick Joy – Shoot Your Lover

Relentless riffs and driving bass rushes through this grunge-soaked offering from the Brighton based alt-rock trio. Heartily recommended for fans of Queens of the Stone Age.

Bridges – Return to the Drake’s Nest

Emotive melodies float above reflective, soul-searching lyrics where vocals are borrowed from the songbook of The National and grips us in it’s bittersweet expression.

Balthazar – Changes

Seeped in their mysterious soundscapes, the rule of ‘less is more’ is applied to this sultry new single with it’s subtle, disco grooves and smouldering  low-key vocals.

Emma Lamontagne – Love Games

Spicy, simmering club beats are underpinned by hazy, atmospheric synths which makes this a perfect soundtrack to the long summer evenings.

WeiWei – Human Being

A throbbing electro track drenched in retro ’90s club beats.

Harry Mold – Drain

Mold kick starts his career with his explosive debut single which contains all the suave of Britpop and energy of post-punk.

Hildur – Work

Quirky electro beats, whimsical melodies and sugar-sweet vocals create a fun-fuelled pop bop which is lifted from the Icelandic singer’s Intuition EP

Prvna – Fever

Popping RnB beats flickers over tropical beats as Prvna’s vocals walks the line between spoken word and high-ranging soul.

Pristine Babe – Bad Friend

The second track of their double release softens the tone following all the booty-shaking of Destiny as a gentle vulnerability carries through vintage synths.


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