For this week’s episode of popular, podcast serial drama Track By Track we delve into a police case: How is La Roux’s Trouble In Paradise such a spot on slice of tropical-pop perfection?

This week on Track By Track: The TRASH Music Podcast, Dan & Will discuss La Roux‘s sophomore 9-track collection, Trouble In Paradise, as the lead single, Uptight Downtown, turns five.

Join them as they step back half a decade to discuss the album, the singles, and the live appearances that cemented La Roux as one of the most exciting artists of her time.

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  1. Jacob Braybrooke

    June 3, 2019 at 4:03 pm

    An old favourite of mine 🙂 I love this record and it came out when I was only 16, so that just shows how mature and odd my musical taste is for a guy my age lol, I hope to hear a third record soon, although she hasn’t tweeted or anything in ages now 🙁


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