Soundcheck Chat is our new feature where we try to fill the void between soundcheck and stage time by sitting down for a friendly natter. Last week we caught up with James Hersey before he took to the stage at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen.

The Gig:

With the recent release of his mini-album Innerverse, James Hersey took stopped off at the quiet corner of Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen for the London leg of his European tour. Warming up the stage was Hersey’s collaborator – and close friend – Narou creating the ambience with his low-fi electro tracks. Once he had concluded his set, it wasn’t too long before he was stepping back on the same spot to join Hersey in his. Throughout the night, both Hersey and Narou stretched and flexed their creative muscles as they switched between analogue and intimate acoustic which held the crowd enthralled. It is clear that Hersey’s fans are an important part of his journey as he confided in us the meaning behind his lyrics, often stepping away from the mic to tear down the fourth wall between us and not only inviting us to sing a long to his electro-pop anthems, but be a part of it with him.

The Chat:

Congratulations on the release of Innerverse, what inspired the title of your mini-album?

Thank you very much, it goes beyond the roots of how I usually write songs. It was a change of pace for me on this record. I was originally going to call it ‘Chapters’. I did the recording with a few other producers but it didn’t go very well, it became a situation so it wasn’t until I stepped back and worked with very close friends of mine that I found the direction that I wanted.

You wrote most of it while in Spain, did your surroundings help to inspire your songwriting?

Getting away from the city was a big part of it, it was a healthy decision. I’m just starting a new album that is going to come out later this year and we’ll see if I have to get away for that as well.

Why did you decide to release a mini-album rather than an EP or a full length one?

I’m personally getting so tired of music that is being stuck together just for a release without any real purpose. So what I did was just cut everything that didn’t really stick together to make a single body of work that I would be proud to press onto vinyl and have artwork.

Which other artists do you take inspiration from?

There were some songs put out by Frank Ocean that were just so beautiful that I wanted to somehow integrate into my own songwriting.

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