We followed Gazel down the rabbit hole of our subconscious minds to bring you this week’s Q&A.

Who? London based producer and artist Gazel weaves mystical philosophy throughout her electro-dance tracks.

What to say: Listening to Gazel’s Bone Key EP along with more recent releases Pointing At The Moon and You’re Not Funny is the equivalent to having a Master’s Degree in Philosophy.

The Q&A:

Congratulations on the release of the video for You’re Not Funny. What is the story behind the song?

It’s part of my upcoming album Gazel’s Book of Souls which is a concept album with a number of characters and a story which goes through it about these characters which live in the subconscious mind. This particular song is tied to a character who is a joker, he is a charlatan spiritual teacher living in the collective unconscious. It is inspired by talks by Alan Watts about Zen Masters and becoming a master. What happens when you want to become a Zen Master is that you have to go and sit outside a monastery for week while the masters inside will just half ignore you and occasionally come out to say ‘there’s nothing going on here.’ In the West it’s always thought of as endurance but the Masters are just trying to affirm the fact that they have nothing to teach you, you have everything in you already. The fact that you’re defining them as the teacher and you as a student is just an illusion.

Is each song in the album going to be a different character?

It is a continuous story, some of the songs have particular characters and some of the songs have conversations between characters. As an album it works just a piece of music but I’m hoping to tell the story a bit more using a booklet to go with it.

Have you listened to any other concept albums to help with the structure?
Actually no, I tried to listen to (Pink Floyd’s) The Wall but I like reading books and thinking about written things and feeding them into what I am doing.

If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life what would you chose?

Oh, I’m a bit torn! It’ll have to be an Andrew Bird album, he’s really multi-faceted and has a lot of different elements. I think he’s just finished his 15th album! His albums have that quality where you can just go in and look around.

We saw you performing live at St Pancras Old Church a few months back, what do you enjoy about performing live?

There are a lot of things but it has come a lot less naturally to me than making music has. I didn’t really grow up performing, I played viola at recitals but this sort of performance where you’re singing and doing your own thing is quite new, I haven’t been doing it for that long. I do like the fact that it’s a way of directly reaching people without having to go through something else.

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