Our New Music Blag Q&A gives you all the need-to-know stats about the bands who we recommend you should be tuning your ears in to.

Who? Gosport based electro-foursome Arcade Hearts.

What to say: The group have warmed up the stage for Razorlight and are currently gearing up to hit the UK festival circuit this summer.

The Q&A:

First things first, how did you all get together as a band? 

We all met properly at college in Fareham, studying music performance. I don’t think it helped much we didn’t really take it seriously but we formed some serious friend ships with each other that in a few years later would take the form of Arcade Hearts. We needed a guitarist so we put up an ad on Join my band dot com in Nov’ 18, Charlie sent a video of himself playing one of our songs, turned out to be just the best bit of luck as it completed the band in every sense. 

Describe each other in one word.


Which other artists do you draw inspiration from? 

For a while it was Fickle Friends, they have such a unique sound and drive it really pushed us into saying “what are we capable of outside of guitar chords?” but we couldn’t really pin point it directly now. The drums of Foals to electronic dance music, the bass in anything uplifting to anything powerful, the guitar layers in Bring Me The Horizon to the lead lines of The 1975 and the vocal richness of strong pop like Duo Lipa to Don Broco. It’s really just what ever inspires us. 

Your due to hit the festival circuit this summer, what are you favourite festival memories?

Larmer Tree 2018, our van had blown up at 2am from a London show to the festival and we we’re stranded in Fleet services until 8am when we were picked up and dropped home, with no sleep we loaded up a borrowed van and drove straight to the festival to open up the second stage. I think Dan was close to breaking by the time we walked on stage, we played our hearts out and received an encore and got offered a 2nd slot to close the Saturday night on the 3rd stage and we filled the tent to capacity. We went from losing the only thing that kept us on the road to being shocked into carrying on in 48hrs. 

What’s the story behind your latest single ‘Y U?’ 

It’s a weird one really, it covers a number of bases but essentially its written about someone you know/care about who is pissing it up the wall with the wrong crowd and the wrong direction, but they’re aware of it, they just don’t care. It could even be about yourself, the music is kind of upbeat, thats representing the lack of care really. We could have gone really dark with it but then it would only telling one side of the story. 

What can we expect from your upcoming EP?

EPs are boring, I know we’ve done one and it was our first step into self production and recording and we learnt a lot from it, but its like ‘oh look another band or artist has recorded an EP.’ Basically its just an A-side and 2 or 3 b-sides with no real story or depth. We love the idea of a ‘mix-tape’ or mini LP, something that isn’t as heavy as an album, but something that is so much more than an EP. So that’s what we’re working on.

If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life between you what would it be?

Can’t decide, this is an illegal question.

What’s your proudest achievement to date? 

Selling out Joiners when we hadn’t released any music in 6 months. 

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