It’s official: The indie disco is back. This week’s mixtape is full to the brim of the new acts aiming to pack out tents at festivals across the country, with some lush soundscapes for those who prefer to find a patch of grass and lay in the sun, and some pop bangers for good measure.

Kaiser Chiefs – Record Collection

The first hints of things to come from the band’s upcoming seventh studio album, Duck, Record Collection is more than a hint that as with 2016’s Stay Together, The Kaiser’s have kept the synths turned up to 11 for this one, and that’s no bad thing.

MOYKA – Bones

Lush synth soundscapes, jagged electronic effects, big organic beats and sturdy vocals that knows itself, MOYKA is one to watch that fans of Robyn and AURORA should be keeping a close eye on.

Reno McCarthy – Growing Up

Sun’s out, synths out in this funk-fuelled offering complete with contagious rhythms and pulsing bass.

Dantevilles – Fool For You

It’s been a while since a new band brought upfront, upbeat, unapologetic pure indie/rock to the table, but here Dantevilles make their case for the return of the indie disco with a bite-size track that’s begging to be danced to on sticky dance floors and in festival fields. (And they’re playing a few of the latter this year…)

Reflekter – Alright

Harking back to the days of 90s indie summers, Alright continues Reflekter‘s knack for channeling the early swaggering sounds that made Oasis and Kasabian household names.

The Snuts – All Your Friends

Backed by a hip-hop beat and with off kilter experimental breaks, All Your Friends has the sort of chorus that smacks you round the face on first listen, and has you waiting in anticipation for it second time round.

Just Loud – Blue On Blue

With tripping verses featuring eyebrow raising falsetto not heard since Prince, and pounding choruses showcasing an inner angst, Just Loud delivers yet another classic funk influenced track built with the experimentation of today.

Castorp – Last Night On Earth

Like Nick Cave fronting Beach House, Castorp delivers yet another jaunty, heartfelt track with vintage synths dripping in brooding baritone vocals.

IYVES – Gold (Acoustic)

Stripped back and allowing IYVES‘ velvet vocals and painted lyrics to take centre stage, to paraphrase the track – once the choir kicks in and IYVES takes this up a gear for the middle-8 – this one gives feeling that don’t have name.

Dyvr – Rising

A swirling ambience of synths cloaks itself around soulful, high-reaching vocals as soothing rhythms drift away with twinkling melodies. Best served chilled.

Bananarama – Looking For Someone (Extended Mix)

Ahead of appearances at Mighty Hoopla and Glastonbury, The Banana’s drop this soaring, sophisticated pop anthem from recent album In Stereo, and this extended version is begging to be the show opener, swiftly followed by Cruel Summer.

Louise – Small Talk

From her soon to be released album, and first in almost two decades, Small Talk documents the break down of a Louise‘s relationship in ridiculously relatable fashion for anyone who’s had to stay in touch with an ex: “We used to be in love, we used to be inseparable, now it’s a little awkward like we never met before.”

Will Young – My Love

History repeating itself with Will Young covering Westlife? Fortunately not. My Love continues Will’s partnership with Jim Eliot (previously working on Jealousy and Love Revolution) and is funk-fuelled, bass-heavy slice of pop layered with Young’s smooth trademark vocal.

The LaFontaines – Alpha

Hands up anyone who remembers the epic collaboration between Jay Z and Linkin Park. The Scottish rockers succeed in indulging our nostalgia and pull no punches by infusing a blend of adrenaline packed riffs with the grit of hip-hop verses.

The Drew Thompson Foundation – A Little More Time

Razor sharp riffs and drawling vocals put us on yet another nostalgia trip for the days of carefree, post-punk pining. If you need us we’ll be doodling on our Converses with a Sharpie.

PYLA – Fever

Claustrophobic beats move in close, capturing the essence of longing expressed via emotive vocals. The London based trio reveal their playful dream-pop side with fluctuating tempo and simmering synths.

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