It would appear everyone’s too busy at The Great Escape to release new bangers this week, apart from these few who have delivered the goods.

Paige Cavell & Xenomania – Predators & Monsters

We asked (for years we asked!) and the pop gods have answered. Following a few years of radio silence, legendary songwriters Xenomania (Girls Aloud, Sugababes) Xenomania are releasing a whole album of new material, featuring new artists. Predators & Monsters showcases Paige Cavell’s powerhouse vocal over brooding synths and dance beats.

Kelly Lee Owens – Let It Go

A pulsating, eerie blend of the industrial and spiritual with the Queen of Electronica’s whispering vocals echoing through our minds. Momentum builds and drops through intervals in this adrenaline-fuelled dance track.

AURORA – The River

The opening track to Aurora‘s upcoming third LP starts slow and hypnotic – all gentle synths and the more ethereal tones of the Norwegian’s range – before gently building to become the sort of thought-provoking, pop anthem she’s become known for.

Kayla Diamond – Cry Wolf

A soaring RnB ballad which offers us an uplifting, soaring chorus, infectious melodies and the power to have us reflecting on all our past relationships as we hit the dance floor.

Hannah Grace – Sleepwalking

Hannah’s gliding vocals take centre stage as she delivers an emotionally raw piano-led ballad. Tender melodies soar high alongside passionate lyrics of heartbreak.

Kelly Lee Owens – Omen

Is it cheating to put the same artist twice on one playlist? Not if they’ve suddenly dropped two single in one week into our eager ears. Omen takes a grounded approach to it’s rhythm before psychedelic elements begins gently bubbling beneath the surface.

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