Ever since our New Music Blag Q&A with Maydar, we’ve been waiting in eager anticipation for the Swedish popstar to drop her seven track EP Fool Me Twice.

A blend of stoic determination, urban confidence and bittersweet reflection forms the foundations of Fool Me Twice and weaves itself throughout the release via the simmering RnB production. Maydar’s straight-talking personality expresses itself in the integrity of of the opening track Lose My Mind where elements of old-school hip-hop are blanketed by atmospheric synths.

By the second track, Maydar is not afraid to show her extroverted side as the dramatic intro of Sweet Talk builds the drama and keeps us intrigued before she bursts in, not afraid to show us what her vocals are made off whilst simultaneously demonstrating that she’s Europe’s answer to Billie Ellish.

Despite the lyrics conveying a blase take on ideas of revenge and love lost, there is an element of tender innocence which sits just beneath the surface of the EP which contrasts sharply with the hardships of relationships. It seems that the EP is aptly named and Maydar is certainly no fool.

Check out the Fool Me Twice via Spotify.

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