On Thursday the first TRASH Live night took place at Tamesis Dock, featuring Zoofan, Videocean and SHiiVERS. Here’s what went down…

Following almost two years of bringing you live music reviews and previews of the new bands we know you’ll love, this week TRASH Live took place: A celebration of our eclectic taste and passion for profiling incredibly talented musicians. Also, we just damn well love a gig and a party, and this was both.

Kicking off proceedings, SHiiVERS delivered ’80s influenced synths backed by brooding bass and beats, all topped with a sophisticated pop vocal. To date, the duo – Clara and Tom – have released just one single, Animalism, but with a set packed with bangers that fans of CHVRCHES will be all over, anticipation for their upcoming debut EP is high. And if hearing Animalism once wasn’t enough, they closed the set with a remix of the track (in order to brainwash the crowd, according to Clara). If you’re yet to see them live, they play Standon Calling later this year – and keep an eye on their site for future shows.

Four-piece Videocean showcased their combination of psychedelic melodies and deep, poetic lyrics delivered by frontman Perry, whose vocal has a similar sort of gusto to Jarvis Cocker or Neil Hannon. With loop pedals a plenty, their set is awash with shoegazey swirls, but there’s always a beat to nod your head and maybe even bust a move. Recent single Genes highlights how tight this band are, while upcoming track On Your Own makes following this band an exciting concept. You can keep an eye on them here.

Last but by no means least, Zoofan – recently upgrading from a duo to a trio – brought experimental indie/pop sensibilities to the boat: Organic drum patterns, lush vocal harmonies and cryptic lyrics, all sprinkled with edgy electronics. Recent single Daughter – played live for the first time – is part 90s r’n’b/pop number, part funk-guitar led anthem, while Sunbeam is all bubbling bass and vocals. Baby Blue closes their set, the outro climaxing to highlight the epic textures and soundscapes this band create, with hypnotic synths, shredded guitar and drum pads colliding for an ending to rock the boat. Find out what they’re up to next here.

Closing the evening, Zoofan‘s Max took to the decks (in the music sense, it’s not another terrible boat gag) for a DJ set where ’90s r’n’b hits (Candy) and ’80s anthems (I Ran) filled the floor.

A huge thanks to all three bands – SHiiVERS, Videocean and Zoofan – for joining us and sharing their incredible sounds as part of our inaugural TRASH Live celebrations. And whether you were there, or you missed out, put 9th May in your diary when we’ll be taking over the good ship Tamesis Dock all over again.

Photos – Robert Gershinson @RobertG_1983

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