I’m sure that every animation fan would have an opinion on what sets Disney and Pixar apart. Yes, it could be the difference in appearance, with Pixar going for a very computerised look compared to Disney-proper’s . It could be the more hard hitting storylines. For me, it will always be the music!

When it comes to catchy songs, I think Disney will always reign supreme with the popular vote. But for songs you can actually listen to, and scores that evoke emotion, Pixar wins the electoral college – and typically the awards – snapping up four music Oscars since the millennium compared to Walt Disney’s one.

Not familiar with Pixar’s jewels in the crown? Well here’s five pieces that’ll break your ignorance, and possibly break your heart…

When She Loved Me – Sarah McLachlan – Toy Story 2

The moment in Toy Story 2 when children realised that life isn’t all rainbows and sunshine – this quite beautiful song is not something you’d expect from a piece of film about animated children’s toys. You’d be more likely to hear in in some deep, coming of age tale – yet here it is!

Original Score – Michael Giacchino – The Incredibles

Brassy. Bold. Wild. But enough about Tina Turner – this score, far from your average animation, would work for the most prestigious of films, and dare I say 007 himself. Imagining this film without it’s iconic music is like Parliament without Big Ben, and with a name like Michael Giacchino behind the baton, you know you’re in safe hands.

Married Life – Michael Giacchino – Up

If anyone ever doubted that music and film are an equal partnership, these four minutes of Up will send them home with their tails between their legs. Making the world cry since 2009, Married Life has become a gateway drug to film scores for many – I can’t count how many times people have asked me about “those first few minutes of Up”.

Unforgettable – Sia – Finding Dory

The reigning Queen of movie soundtracks makes a state visit to Pixar! Sia‘s reimagining of this timeless song compliments this movie beautifully. Though Sia likely got the gig through bezzie mate Ellen DeGeneres, her iconic sound lifts the soundtrack to an etherial plane.

Remember Me – Various – Coco

During the course of this feel you hear this song in so many incarnations – it’s the Barry Humphries of music. However with each new embodiment it drives the movie forward, ending up at the heartbreaking moment with Mama Coco that still makes me hate feelings.

What’re your favourite Pixar music moments? Let us know @movetotrashuk.

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