The Drums, Circa Waves and Idlewild have all released album this week, and here’s what our Fran thinks to each…

Here at TRASH we understand you all lead a varied, busy life and we thank you for taking some precious time out of your schedules to check out our latest posts. As a reward to you we aim to choose three quality cuts from the vast array of new releases and save you, our dear readers, valuable time.

The Drums – Brutalism

It has been a decade since The Drums were NME darlings. These days The Drums is basically a solo project for Jonathan Pierce, where he mixes the pleasures of ’80s new-wave with his own vulnerable lyrical edge, but with a somewhat potty mouth. Body Chemisty and Blip of Joy are reminiscent of their classic ’00s peak, simple repetitive guitar lines with a catchy pop chorus. Their best album since their debut.

Circa Waves – What’s It Like Over There

The third album for the Liverpool quartet sees them maturing in sound and slowly moving away from the spiky indie-pop of their debut into a new developed sound, in a similar thread to Foals. Some may not be so comfortable to hear piano led tracks such as Passport, but Circa Waves have a definite sense of familiarity and this is not the sound of a completely different band, just a band who want to please themselves creatively and not just the Radio X fan base.

Idlewild – Interview Music

Idlewild MK3 make their second album since their comeback record, Everything Ever Written. Interview Music is a mix of everything that has come before and a nod to the future. All These Words would have felt very much at home on their seminal album, Remote Part with a radio-friendly chorus and REM soaked guitar lines. Same Things Twice would fit nicely into their ’90s back catalogue, whilst former single Dream Variations explores new synthetic horizons. Idlewild are a band who are not bereft of ideas, as they come close to their 4th decade as a band.

So, that was our three cut choices of the week’s new releases – now get downloading/streaming/buying from an actual record shop and let us know what you think of these, or what other new albums you’re listening to this week.

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