A new, FREE, live music night, launching 11th April.

Music is at the heart of TRASH – from our New Music Blag features shining a spotlight on the latest sounds worth knowing about, to our weekly podcast Track By Track – celebrating seminal pop albums, and of course our reviews and interviews with seminal acts across the genres.

A few weeks ago we announced TRASH Live, a FREE monthly music night at the super cool Tamesis Dock, showcasing some incredible talent in a unique space. It all kicks off on 11th April, and you can find more details and save your spot here.

We’ve already announced Zoofan as our first act, and now we’re very excited to introduce you to SHiiVERS (a duo we recently likened to CHVRCHES fronted by Kate Bush…) by means of an appropriately nautical themed Q&A:


What is the trashiest thing you’ve ever done?

Clara: I’m going to keep this PG and boat themed. I was once part of a massive pub crawl across the Thames. Everyone had to bring their own inflatable/raft and loads more turned up than the organisers expected so it was like a giant armada made out of inflatable swans, dinghies etc. 

Anyway, after many pub stops I got a massive case of the munchies and rowed an inflatable swan to the nearest place I could think of. I turned up at Nando’s, Richmond branch, dressed as a pirate. I was very drunk and went totally overboard with the all-you-can-eat ice-cream. At some point a man dressed as a lobster got involved too. All I remember was being asked to leave and being officially banned from Richmond Nando’s.

Tom: When I was very young my dad had a small boat he liked to do the overnight crossing from Kent to Calais in. Every now and then he’d take me or my sisters. One time he was making pancakes when I said I was going to be sick. Quick as a flash he held out the frying pan, I was sick. He tipped it over the side, washed it up and carried on frying pancakes. Fairly trashy. 

Clara: Wow.

Tom: I also once did a dinghy race with my dad where we arrived late, and while we were getting the boat ready I undid the wrong screw so the mast fell down. My dad got angry and told me to go and learn the route of the race at the briefing while he fixed the mast. But, as soon as we were out on the water I realised I’d completely forgotten which way to go. As we were arguing about it we hit another boat. He spent the rest of the race saying “sabotaged by my own son”.

If you could have any celebrity (dead or alive) in the audience at TRASH Live who would it be and what song would you dedicate to them? 

Clara: Queen Cleopatra – she sounds like an incredible woman, was involved with two of the most famous ruling dynasties (so juicy stories guaranteed), and must have known how to party. I think we’d have to dedicate A Sign of Love to her, given her famous love affairs with Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. 

Either that or the Director Denis Villeneuve – we’d dedicate every song to him if he’ll let us do the soundtrack to one of his films. Seems like a fair exchange to us. Call us, Denis!

Here at TRASH we hate the idea of guilty pleasures and think listeners should just embrace what they like. Which act, who often get a grilling, would you make a case for?  

Tom: When I was a kid I LOVED East 17. I even bought a live album and learnt all the dance moves to Steam with a friend. So I know how complicated those moves are and can only applaud them for mastering that routine. I also have a few skeletons in the closet from my days as a teenage metaller (we’re looking at you, Limp Bizkit).

You’re both on board for the gig when suddenly the boat starts sinking! Only you, Cher, Piers Morgan and John Lydon are on board. Chose one for each of the following:

Who would you steal a life jacket from?

Who would you jump into to the Thames to safe? 

Who would help you survive?  

Clara: We should ask why Cher, Piers Morgan and John Lydon would all be on a boat together at our gig! It sounds like that time when Bob Geldof and Nigel Farage were on different boats shouting at each other about Brexit. Anyway, I’m saving Cher from that sinking ship. In fact, I’d do almost anything for Cher. Having capsized in the Thames in my youth I’m well qualified to swim across to the bank. And I’ve built up a strong immunity to its many diseases. I’d steal a life jacket from John Lydon because, as an anarchist he’d be in no position to protest. I’d use Piers Morgan and his inflated ego as a flotation device and get to shore.

Tell us your best boat-related joke. 

Clara: A boat carrying red paint crashed into a boat carrying blue paint and the crew were marooned. 


Having previously performed to the creme de la creme of the fashion world at London and Paris fashion weeks, we are delighted to have indie-pop trio Zoofan playing the inaugural TRASH Live. Their sun-ripened singles West Coast and Baby Blue has caught the attention of BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio, and the band were chosen to warm up the stage for Alice Merton. Zoofan are due to step from the studio straight on board with HMS Trash to give their latest single Daughter it’s debut live outing. 

More acts to follow…

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