Track By Track: The TRASH Music Podcast

There are two reasons to celebrate this week:

  1. Upon hearing our plans for a Track By Track on Alphabeat‘s wonderful debut the band decided to get back together and release their first track in six years, Shadows. If you haven’t heard it yet pop it on – it’s a little belter.
  2. This Is Alphabeat, the album that gave us Fasciantion, 10, 000 Nights, Boyfriend and so much more, turns 12 today.

We apologise profusely to our loyal listeners, due to some gremlins in the system there is a slight issue with the volume of this episode. We can only assume Cook ran over some cabling with her mop and bucket. Please do accept our apologies. We’re sure you’ll still love the content.

You can find the episode (and subscribe to Track By Track!) on Apple Podcasts, or stream on Spotify or Acastor  TuneIn.

Let us know your thoughts @MoveToTrashUK #TrackByTrack.

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