There are over 500 records released for Record Store Day 2019, but here’s what Team TRASH recommend picking up.

With HMV closing (again) and re-opening (partly, again), there’s never been a better time to support physical record stores – if a company as huge and influential as His Master’s Voice can’t make it alone then your local, dedicated record stockist certainly can’t. Record Store Day brings together the most passionate vinyl collectors alongside the more casual listeners, with exclusive, limited releases available, and events happening up and down the country. But don’t forget – a record shop is for life, and not just Record Store Day.

Here are some of the releases we’ll be getting up at stupid o’clock for on Saturday 13th April:

Ace Of Base – The Sign, Bananarama – Drama & Viva

In an unexpected ‘I never knew I needed this but must now own this’ inclusion, Ace of Base’s legendary single The Sign is released as a super cute 7” picture disc. If nothing else it will encourage old and new fans alike to reconnect with a scandi-pop classic. Bananarama release a much anticipated new album in April and just last month they re-released enhanced versions of their albums Drama and Viva in beautiful packages with remix and b-sides galore. They have now brought this concept to vinyl for RSD with Viva in striking neon blue vinyl and Drama in sensual burgundy. The girls’ third record store day release is a collection of disco and house remixes from further back in their catalogue on bold blue vinyl. Will Warren.

Ólafur Arnalds – Re:member & String Quartets, Fleetwood Mac – Alternates

With talented contemporary composers few and far between, any new material in the field is as welcome as nipple tape at the Super Bowl – lucky for us then that with this Ólafur Arnalds purchase you’ll get 3 brand new tracks! This set of LPs is also being shipped in 5 new original artworks, randomly distributed across the globe. Perfect for a collector with too much time, and too much money.

A Record Store Day without Fleetwood Mac is like Trafalgar Sq without the cocky pigeons. This year’s offering features reworked, or alternative, tracks from their Argos-sized back catalogue. Rather than spoil the surprise, I’ll let you turn up to find out the track listing…. Well, that and I can’t find it anywhere. If you have it, call me. Ashley Powys.

a-ha – Hunting High And Low / The Early Alternate Mixes, Duran Duran – As The Lights Go Down, Gorillaz – The Fall, U2 – The Europa EP

My poor, poor bank account. I count down to Record Store Day with just as much as excitement as Glastonbury or Christmas, and this year’s list doesn’t disappoint. Ahead of their Hunting High And Low tour later this year, a-ha release the alternate mixes of debut album Hunting High And Low. (We discussed some of these and the rest of the album recently on an episode of Track By Track.) Duran Duran have released some great RSD releases – a brand new live album last year from the Paper Gods tour, and a Wedding Album era live EP a couple of years ago. This time it’s all about their 1984 tour, when the band were at the height of their fame. In fact, the band were so inspired by this RSD release that they’ve recently included early album track The Seventh Stranger on setlist for the first time since this tour. Gorillaz album The Fall – famously created on an iPad and released for free back in 2010 – is being put onto vinyl for the first time. It’s a stripped back collection of soundscapes influenced by life on the road, but a stellar addition to their discography. And finally, U2 release The Europa EP, with tracks from their most recent albums, Songs Of Experience, in live and remixed versions, packaged in a beautifully embossed, Charlie Chaplin starring front cover. Dan Bull.

Doctor Who – Destiny of The Daleks

Before the sharp wit of Michelle Gomez’s Missy and the bright charisma of Jodie Whittaker’s history-in-the-making Doctor, there was another female Timelord (Timelady!?) Who possessed scathing sass and a mind sharper than the Doctor’s – Romana! Lalla Ward herself provides the narration (scripted by the sci-fi legend Douglas Adams) for the showdown with the Daleks. The pressing of the classic 1970s adventure – with all the aural delights of the BBC Radiophonic workshop – is enough to get my nerd-senses tingling this Record Store Day. Nicky Lee-Delisle.

KT Tunstall: Extra Wax

Despite this title sounding like a mini documentary of her heading off to an ear-syringing appointment, judging by the standard release of Wax late last year this should be one worth queuing for. A couple of tracks from the physical-only deluxe release of the album (KT, why do you hate us streamers so?) and a brand new release of a Violent Femmes cover exclusively for Record Store Day are giving me hope of some new material to obsess over until the third album in her ‘mind, body, soul’ trilogy is released.

However (and this is a big however), I do not normally participate in Record Store Day queues, and even the temptation of new KT leaves me loathe to join in — as a pop lover that some would label ‘vanilla’, I find the whole experience quite terrifyingly judgemental. I know that none of my vinyl record collection will ever be used on the turntable at a secret rave in East London (or even worthy of a mention on Cash In The Attic come to think of it), but I like it, and it’s a shame that Record Store Day curators and purchasers alike don’t seem to. Me and my little 7” KT EP probably wouldn’t feel welcome in a cool Soho record store.

 I shall simply and politely wait to purchase full price, pride intact, online or in-store on another day, like the shy vanilla fan that I am. Dominic Kirkbride.

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