The new releases we’ll be listening to this week.

Close Talker – Half Past Nine

Stop what you’re doing and take three minutes out of your life to immerse yourself in this low-fi ode to the perfect moments in life with dreamy vocals more effective than any mindfulness app.

Black Futures – Me.TV (Feat Bobby Gillespie)

Sinister soundbites, razor-sharp riffs and a raw intensity with the vocals can only mean one thing – the apocalypse is near!

The Magnettes – KimnKanye

Putting the ‘popular culture’ right back into the heart of pop, this pulsating, shimmering bubble-gum track with it’s surprise rap verse makes us want to pre-drink even when there’s no plans to go ‘out-out’.

Cubbi – Rippling

The sudden changes in both direction and pace certainly takes us by surprise but the raw honesty of the lyrics carries through the pulsating electronica.

Indigo Lo – Reload

With riffs which pump with pure, motivational adrenaline, danceable rhythms and a bright, catchy chorus, you’ll also find this track on our workout playlist.

Idlewild – Dream Variations

Hazy keys and swirling riffs creates hints of nostalgic surfer-rock before we’re uplifted by the charming melodies. You may need to anchor yourself down before hitting play lest you float away…

Jaunt – On Your Mind

A popping yet smooth electronica track courtesy of the American quintet. With hints of turn of the millennium RnB, the group told us they had been on the sonic sauce for this single which seems to be especially apparent in the sci-fi sounds splattered throughout.

Marina – Superstar

She’s without her diamonds but she hasn’t lost her shimmer – Superstar is a slice of sultry, sophisticated pop from upcoming double album Love + Fear.

Alphabeat – Shadows

After a six year hiatus, the Danish six-piece are back to bring some fun and colour to an often dismal world right now. (Sorry to bring everyone down…) Shadows is a return to the organic instrumentation of their debut album, but shows how the pop band have matured in the 12 years since its release.

Ellie Goulding – Flux

After a few years of making music for the dance floor, Ellie’s back with one of her starkest tracks to date, led by her iconic, equal measures sweet and coarse vocal.

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