You and your voice need to Move To TRASH! As part of our growth in 2019 we’re looking for brand new contributors.

Want to share your passion and opinion on music, film, TV, culture, equality issues (and even vegan sausage rolls)? No topic is taboo, and we’d love to know if you have insight into a niche you want to share.

TRASH celebrates pop culture across the mediums and aims to dismay the idea of guilty pleasures. If you love it, embrace it. (If you sneer at the idea of someone’s record collection including The Smiths *and* the Spice Girls this might not be the site for you…)

We’ve got an incredible team, a strong platform and friends in the right places, a brand new site design dropping soon, and events launching in the very near future, but to make our reach bigger this year, we need you. We are looking for:

— Social Media Gurus: Is your awareness of the cultural calendar stronger than a West London fatberg? Do your Insta stories have chapters? Could you help us build a brand with a strong presence?

If so email:

— New Music Masters: If you’d rather discover something new than hear the same old thing, get sweaty at The Lexington than get ripped off at The O2, and chat to an artist who’s unscripted rather than thanking the one person in the room who believed in them and that was Bradley Cooper, then we can probably help with that. You’ll also get the chance to help curate live events, appear on an upcoming podcast, and put more than a few playlists together (who doesn’t love putting a playlist together?!).

Sound good? Email:

—  Photography Fanatics: We’re looking for photographers with a fine eye and a unique sense of style for gigs and events. If your images tell a story then we’d like to give you a platform to share them.

Snap and email over to:

— And Now For Something Completely Different: Do you like the challenge of being given a piece to research and write? Do you prefer to pitch your own ideas? Is your writing concise, humorous, informative and relevant? God knows ours isn’t.

Have something else to share? Speak to:

— Sound engineers: For our upcoming (London based) events we’re looking for someone with an ear (or two) for sound – an eye for detail wouldn’t go amiss either.

Sound good? (You’d know…) Email:

We don’t have a pot of gold to share (yet), but we do have access to gigs and events, opportunities to interview, and a solid platform for you to either gain experience or continue doing what you love.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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