If you’re like us and are just done with grim, rainy evenings just hit play on this week’s playlist and fast-forward straight to summer.

Jolé – Seldom Seen

If we close our eyes, we can pretend it’s a gentle, summer evening courtesy of the dreamy synths and floating, velvety soft vocals.

Magdalena Bay – Money Lover

Shania Twain’s ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’ cooler, younger synth-pop cousin.

Naked Elephant – Light Up

An uplifting, foot-stomper which makes us simultaneously nostalgic and optimistic for the days ahead due to the soaring, anthemic chorus.

Megan Davies – Gimme

A low-fi, bass driven, extremely catchy exploration of the addictive world of social media. The irony of course being that you’re most probably reading this thanks to Twitter or Facebook.

SYML – Clean Eye (The Midnight Remix)

Seattle artist SYML (Brian Fennell to his mates) lets The Midnights loose on Clean Eye, a single he released last year. The result is a smooth, robotic rendition, perfect for soundtracking a dystopian future disco.

Sun Silva – Sun Skin Air

Galloping psychedelia from this London four-piece, filled with quintessentially 60s harmonies and enough stop/starts to keep you wanting more, before an synth heavy surprise outro. Fans of Temples may well have found their new favourite band.

Caravan Palace – Miracle

French electro swing group Caravan Palace return with their first hint of new music following 2015’s <|°_°|>, and take another step forward in bringing French electro swing to the forefront of our musical culture. If it’s all like this (sort of Jungle meets The Great Gatsby) then that day can’t come quick enough.

Holiday Ghosts – Just A Feeling

Sparce, bluesy surf-rock from the Falmouth four-piece following line up changes and ahead of their second album, West Bay Playroom.

Seafret – Loving You

Brooding strings lead this little stunner from the West Yorkshire duo, that already sounds like it could soundtrack the break up and accompanying running-in-the-rain montages of a British film.

New Atlas – Lay Low

The amazing thing about Lay Low is that it doesn’t ever Lay Low, and is instead an amalgamation of style – a stark acoustic opening, a deep-bass bridge and, like a smack round the face, one of the most dance friendly second-halves you’ve heard so far this year.

ViVii – Love Love Love

Love is definitely in the air for ViVii, not only with this sweeping, delicate number that showcases the gorgeous male/female vocals in the band, but also the cover of Something Stupid on the b-side.

Franky – All Of The Boys

Angsty funk from newcomer Franky, which melds sassy lyrics with disco beats.

Pet Shop Boys – The forgotten child

The fourth and final new track from Pet Shop Boys’ surprise EP, Agenda, which keeps the political message running through the collection, this time focussing on refugee children. Unlike the other three bangers, this one’s a ballad, but does build to feature those iconic PSB electronics.

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