Two albums to come from Foals, two new tracks from both Florence + The Machine and CHAMPS, and the first taste of Aurora’s Infections of a Different Kind (Step 2)… It seems two was the magic number all along.

Foals – Exits

Releasing one album is exhausting enough for any artist but Foals are an ambitious bunch, releasing Exits as a pre-cursor to not one but two albums set to be released this year.  The colour of their previous hits have been stripped away to reveal a restless, layered track simmering with adrenaline.

CHAMPS – Solid Action

Isle of Wight’s favourite musical sibling duo return after a year away with two new numbers, continuing a journey that’s taking them from folksy beginnings to more sombre electronic offerings, without forgetting anything they’ve picked up along the way.

Tarantina – Hunter

Bewitching beats glide behind enchanting vocals while haunting melodies gently float towards us in a deliciously dark offering which is the first release from her forthcoming EP ‘Organs’.

Paloma Faith – Your Ex

Annoyingly catchy for a song which centres around the issue of ex-girlfriend jealousy.

Ängie – IDGAF

Swedish pop with a strong sense of swagger.

VC Pines – Vixen 

The former frontman of The Carnabys has taken a solo trip down a soulful route where poetic prose explains Jack Mercer’s own struggle with epilepsy with a tender softness.

CoCo and The Butterfields – Animals

Bluegrass beats with the euphoria of a U2 stadium anthem and a Ryan Tedder hook to keep toes tapping long after the first listen.

Aurora – Animal

Only a couple of months after a new album, and ahead of her cover of Baby Mine bringing endless tears when Tim Burton’s Dumbo is released, Animal follows the spiritual, beat-heavy formula of Queendom, cementing Aurora as the bohemian pop princess we don’t ever want to come down to earth.

Florence + The Machine – Moderation

Flo swaggers and sways through Moderation, which is sure to get all the hands clapping when she headlines BST Hyde Park and other festivals this summer.

Robinson – Karma

“Karma’s a bitch and baby she’s ruthless” sings New Zealand born Robinson – beware: these beats are bolshy.

CHAMPS – Douglas Firs

A more mysterious meandering track from CHAMPS, with the duo’s sweet vocals shining throughout.

The Mostar Divine Club – Lovely Bones

Sparce and film-score like, Lovely Bones is as much about the rich storytelling of Damian Katkhuda as it is the spits and spots of percussion weaving in and out. It’s one that sure to rattle the emotions at his upcoming Bush Hall, London date on 14th March.

The Wandering Hearts – ‘Til The Day I Die

One of the new tracks from the deluxe edition of The Wandering Hearts’ debut, Wild Silence, ‘Til The Day I Die is a sign of how far the Nashville influenced have already come, sounding just as accomplished as the C2C headliners they count as influences.

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