Welcome to our first mixtape of the year where it seems we’re going to have a bountiful harvest of albums in the next few months if these lead singles are anything to go by.

Lana Del Rey – Hope Is A Dangerous Thing For A Woman Like Me To Have – But I Have It

Never one to tone down the dark romanticism of her lyrics, Lana Del Rey delivers her most intimate prose to date lifted from the school of Sylvia Plath. Crushed-velvet vocals reveal her darkest shadows as they drape like a Hollywood starlet across an intimate, emotive piano line.

Balthazar – I’m Never Gonna Let You Down Again

Funky bass, high harmonies and hazy synths form the basis of this groove led single. The Belgium based duo keep us eagerly awaiting for the release of their upcoming album Fever which is due for release on the 25th of this month.

Rat Boy – Don’t Hesitate

Punk aggression with driving Hip Hop beats underlines the mantra of the single (snitches get stitches…) yet true to form Rat Boy doesn’t take himself too seriously which means that this one is guaranteed to turn the crowd wild when he tours for his upcoming album.

Nina Nesbitt – Colder

Nesbitt’s second album has been three years in the making but with her year being kicked off with shimmering pop beats, infectious melodies and cutting lyrical observations all packed within her lead single perhaps it is true that the good things in life cannot be rushed.

Cat Delphi – Message 

A passionate piano line cuts through the distortion as Delphi’s vocals – which contain a gentle strength – wraps itself warmly around haunting melodies.

Blossomer – Time_Slips_Away

That’s exactly what happens when you allow yourself to be engrossed in the sublime harmonies before floating away on a synth-wave to a world of swirling beats.

Acrylic – I’ve Got Too Many Friends

The joyful intro soon slips and slides between baritone shoegazing and an ascending chorus which takes us down many surprising avenues.

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