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Name: Elvin 

The Math: (Kate Bush x Florence Welch) + Kelly Lee Owens

The Q&A:

When did you decide that you wanted to pursue music as a profession?

I started writing music when I was 14. So this is a long, long story, but I’ve only for the past year incorporated it into my life in a professionally focused context. I’ve always concentrated on the art side first and foremost. This is why my music is what it is. Plus I’ve spent time perfecting my production skills. I think luckily for me with taking this approach however, I’ve been completely creatively free and I’ve been really lucky to have drawn the right people to me now. They allow me to put the art and the sound first, helping me to enable the rest of the business side on my behalf.

How would you describe your sound?

Epic, quite lucid and meta-musical… Experimental.

If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life what would it be?

As it’s forever, a compilation of some of the best choral music. I’d be convinced by the end of it, that I’d spent my entire life in heaven.

What has been your proudest achievement to date?

I think I was quite proud when my first single came out, that I’d produced this musical world for people and that I felt ready to share myself as an artist. Then the billboards around London! I still can’t believe that happened…and with my first release. I am continually in awe of the generosity and support of the people I meet, it means so much and I am so grateful, as opposed to ‘proud’ in general I think!

What do you hope to have achieved by this time next year?

I’ll be on my second E.P. hopefully. Would be wonderful if I had been able to realise the visual aspects of the concepts with some great collaborators of my conceptual albums. Then I also write and produce lots of other music. I am hoping to score a brilliantly cool documentary in the next year. So I hope there will be a lot more of my sounds for you to hear in various different forms!

The Links: 

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