We give you full permission to hijack the work Christmas playlist with our weekly round up. The Scrooges and Grinches of the world will thank you.

Cat Turner – Easier 

Dramatic, dark electro-pop with razor sharp vocals providing a unique, attention-grabbing edge.

Varley – Lonely Were The Days

So delicate and intimate that you’re almost afraid to make any sudden movements. Electro-beats are injected halfway through which beautifully contrasts the subtle harmonies between the Berlin based duo.

Fil Bo Riva – L’over 

Creeping gothic tones seep through via echoing vocals as a mournful rhythm gives a gentle nod to the original RnB with capturing twists and turns in the essence of the melodies.

  – Blur feat. Foster The People 

Distorted club beats capture a free-spirited energy in a soaring pop anthem complete with pulsing chorus.

Magdalena Bay – Ghost 

Sultry vocals ride high across dark- pop, electro beats which will be left whirling around your mind hours after listening.

Liimo – Pineapple Radio

Starts out with a nod to the sun-fuelled, west coast hip-hop at the turn of the millennium before easing into a gentle, feel-good RnB track.

Astræa – Anybody Out There

Haunting, high-reaching vocals and whispering piano lines means  you’ll be forgiven for thinking that the song is written about a séance.

Jackie Venison – A Million Moments

Not a necessarily a Christmas track but place this on your Xmas Playlist anyway. A festive beat, uplifting rhythms and life-affirming lyrics are all the ingredients which are needed for Santa Season.

Neon Waltz – The Stranger Things

If The Verve and Oasis got together then nine months down the line they would give birth to this soaring track.

Bota – Once In A Lifetime

A pulsing, lifting electro-pop track which warms your heart as you bop along to the contagious beat.


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