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Name:  Catgod
The Q&A:
When did you both decide to form a band?
(Cat) I came back from London two years ago after trying (and failing) to become an actor after drama school. We formed the band to help me through that rough, transitional patch. It was a positive thing to focus on – Robin was very annoying and persisted in getting me to sing. It’s become my new creative lifeline so I have to thank him for that.
How is it working alongside your sibling? Do you bicker like most brothers and sisters?
(Robin) We sometimes fight.. it usually ends up in some kind of playful scrap though. More often than not some passive aggression and grumpiness. Luckily we have Paddy (who plays the keys) to break the tension and spread the chill/ loving vibes.
What music did you both grow up listening to?
In our house our dad was usually playing classic 60s/70s stuff – The Beatles, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, as well as lots of Motown – The Supremes and Aretha Franklin, as well as some darker stuff like The Pixies. As teenagers we were both obsessed with Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Nowadays we like folky vibes like John Martyn and Nick Drake.
If you both had to listen to just one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Catgod’s upcoming album. Yet to be made…
How did you chose your name? Have the feline species finally taken over and become our overlords?
A number of things came together. Robin’s girlfriend drew him a picture of a sphynx for his birthday. She’s half Egyptian and her work is inspired by ancient Egypt…
(Paddy) I’ve spent a lot of time with Cat and Robin, and whenever they see a cat, they hang around for a good 20 minutes, befriend, stroke and talk to it. Even if its cold or we’re late for something. For me it’s quite annoying, but I guess it works for them.
How would you describe your sound?
Our sound can be quite varied in terms of musical styles. We love to experiment, in fact out latest single has a reggae tinge (a one drop beat). But we usually put our own stamp on it – folky harmonies, dreamy/reverby instrumentation and emotional delivery. We’ve been described as dream pop, trip hop with a bit of indie thrown in there.
What do you hope to have achieved by this time next year?
Lots of gigs in bigger and better places with a lovely crowd would do it. (Also stalk Jools Holland until we can play on his show…)
The Release: Sleep In, the new single from Catgod, is out now via Could We Could.
The Tour Dates: 
24th November – The Islington, London
14th December – The Bullingdon, Oxford

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