It’s officially winter but you can keep yourselves cosy with this week’s hot tracks.

The Spitfires – The New Age 

A D.I.Y post -punk revival spread with a layer of (The) Jam.

Tim Atlas – Side Step 

A track with a continuous, synth-heavy flow containing more layers than what I’m wearing in this cold weather.

Saint Raymond – Echo 

A short but incredibly sweet pop-indie track with twinkling rhythms and a catchy, sing-a-long chorus which will no doubt go down a treat in a live setting.

Stiir – Luxury Butter

The intro is an instant throwback to 90’s club classics before we’re slowly eased into slow-jam territory.

Sun Silva – Blue Light

Gentle waves of harmonies wash over subtle keys with sudden bursts of optimism via the big and bold trumpets.

Archie Faulks – Blackout

Romantic, soft and just quite simply every word is what we all want to be told.

Duets and Stuff – Already Gone

Pulsating beats ride alongside twinkling, atmospheric synths and dreamy vocals.

Kawala – Moonlight 

Infectious rhythms have us enchanted even before the charming vocal harmonies kick in.

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