‘The best things come in small packages’ is what my Mum used to tell me and the same can be said for this week’s mixtape.

James Hersey – Let Go (feat. Filous)

A stripped back, intimate collaboration with the Austrian producer which includes dreamy melodies and swaying, yet contagious, rhythms.


Unabashed fun, flirtatious pop with a riff which isn’t afraid to get up close in your face.

LION – Fiction

Be careful not to cut yourself on the razor-sharp riffs and the jagged edges of LION’s second track from her debut EP.

Joanna Cooke – Do It Slow

Soaring vocals and melancholy piano line work in tandem to create a soulful, highly emotive ballad.

Red Rum Club – Would You Rather Be Lonely

A question we’ve all asked ourselves at some point in our lives, but at least this time there’s danceable rhythm, mood-raising trumpets and a sing-along chorus.

Rosborough- True Love Will Find You In The End

Paying homage to Daniel Johnston, Rosborough emphasises the simplistic integrity of the original with only an acoustic guitar to accompany his raw vocals.

Adam French – Wanna Be Here

Raspy vocals offset the heart-breaking lyrics before building to a soaring, cinematic chorus.

Matilda Eyre – The Calling

The ethereal intro pulls us into another dimension before haunting vocals float atop multi-layered, haunting synths.

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