We’re pretty sure the term ‘Fri-yay’ was coined with our weekly mixtape in mind.

Balthazar – Entertainment 

Sultry vocals flow across a carnival rhythm which grabs us by the hips into a samba full of surprising twists and turns.

E^ST – Friends 

A touching ode to the strength of friendship where the usually bold and vibrant Aussie star reveals a gentler side through emotive melodies and velvet soft vocals.

Amethyst – How It Is 

Subtle harmonies isn’t the only element which has this dream-pop offering dripping in charm, there’s also the floating synths and heart-plucking lyrics.

Elvin – Sweet Sensations 

With a voice which reverberates on the same level as Florence Welch’s, Elvin delivers a heart-pounding anthem which soars and swoops.

Lunir  – Wadidi

The minimalist approach lets the soulful vocals do the talking along with the infectious rhythm as RnB says hello to electro-pop.

Slide – Laugh Some More

We’re putting the ‘New’ firmly in place in our New Music Blag Mixtape with this debut single from the Swedish indie-rock duo which delivers razor-sharp riffs cutting across a tale of existential angst.

Rumours – Edges 

Shimmering synths, an atmospheric chorus and dreamy yet dramatic vocals makes us grateful to Instagram for leading us to this exciting electro-pop trio.

Gazel – Mina’s Hymn

We’re not sure who Mina is, but with club beats laid atop ethereal harmonies we are loving her hymn.


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