From the outside it just seemed like another quiet, rainy Tuesday evening in Kentish Town, however stepping from the deserted streets through the doors to the 02 forum was how it must feel to step freely into another dimension due to the instant uplift in the atmosphere.

Singer-songwriter James Hersey was set the task of warming up the crowd (rather literally due to the icy rain) and was greeted with a keen eagerness. Although the warm melodies contained within his brand of indie-pop placed him at risk of being swallowed up by the space of the stage, his contagious charisma and flowing optimism made sure that this was far from the case.

Having defrosted the crowd, Hersey’s stripped back set was soon swapped for Metric’s razor sharp riffs as they wasted no time before launching into Black Sheep. Lungs-of-steel vocals and relentless percussions ricocheted of the walls with an energy which was sustained throughout the whole set, only stopping to breathe for the encore. It would have been the first time for most of the fans present that they heard Now or Never Now in a live setting from their recently released seventh studio album – which coupled with this set – proves that they have no intentions of slowing down their careers anytime soon.


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