Four became five once more back in 2010, when Robbie Williams rejoined Take That for the phenomenally successful Progress, which topped the charts for 6 weeks after becoming the fastest selling album of the century. With Stuart Price on production duties, the collection was a super-charged addition to an already impressive back catalogue – made even more impressive when you remember that originally Take That were a breakdancing, leather-clad, early 90s boyband.

On Track By Track: The TRASH Music Podcast this week we’re discussing the reunion to end all reunions, the change in sound, the huge tour that followed (breaking records previously set by Michael Jackson) and delving back into the band’s 1992 debut for some Further Listening.

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  1. bungluna

    October 16, 2018 at 8:05 pm

    Obviously Robbie fans and Gary haters here. Not very objective but still entertaining.


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