For those of you unaware of the recent phenomenon of Scream Parks in the UK: There are places for those not of the faint of heart to enter a live-action haunted house or a shed filled with wielding chainsaws. Everyone’s favorite horror films brought to life. They have gained popularity in North America due to their adoration of all things Halloween, and the craze spread worldwide, with one of the best in the UK being Tulleys Shocktoberfest, near Crawley.

Tulleys has been running since 2008 and keeps growing – attracting 80, 000 people a year, making it one of Europes biggest scare attractions. There are 9 live attraction available to scare the bejesus out of you – these range from a creepy cottage to a twisted 3D clown house. The very best attractions are the Haunted Hayride, where brave-souls ride on a back of a tractor through fields covered with ghouls who love to interactive with tourists, and The Chop Shop, a Texas Chainsaw Massacre inspired thrill. Once you’ve survived blood-thirsty chainsaw hillbillies you are pretty free to face anything.

The entire park transforms from its family friendly farm into a spectacular setting for fear. Scarecrows holding flamed torches ignite the way to the haunts, in the background a horror rock band perform on stage and live actors walk around dressed as some of films scariest villains. Each haunt lasts around 5-10 minutes and the queues vary but on a weekend you may be better off with a Fast track passes. In 3 hours I managed to pack in all 9 attractions (you get to enter once per haunt, but can pay £5 for re-entry) and enjoy the free entertainment on hand.

This is an excellent way to spend an evening and superior to bigger named theme parks’ own Halloween spectacular.

Tickets are available here and for more details about the park visit the site here.

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