It’s a short and sweet one this week but the cliché of quality over quantity really does apply here.

Iselin – Lost (acoustic)

The acoustic, stripped back approach to her latest single highlights Iselin’s soft, velvety vocals which float dreamlike through our ears.

Rosborough – Burn Blue (acoustic)

Rosborough continues the trend of Irish singers simplifying their singles where the expression of the track is amplified due to emotive, mature vocals.

Áine Cahill – Water into Wine

Brooding and soulful with it’s dark reflection on hero worship apparent in it’s pounding rhythm.

Maven Grace – Darkness

Dark, stormy electronica but the airy light vocals and analogue synths makes sure that this track doesn’t end up drowning in it’s own gothic tale.

Ferris & Sylvester – Burning River

The duo are back with tribal rhythms, rousing backing vocals and determined riffs which takes us along the journey with them.

Fil Bo Riva – Go Rilla

Flowing and chilled, an indie pop track with the perfect balance of energy.

Gazel – Pointing At The Moon

Gazel pulls us into her fairy tale in her latest single which contains a sharp poignancy in it’s lyrics with a riff which gently simmers and blooms into confidence in it’s surprising outro.

The Beatles – While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Esher Demo)

As strange as it feels to be placing a Beatles release on a mixtape for new music, the demo has seen the light of day due to an anniversary, special edition version of the twentieth century’s most iconic album which will be remixed alongside a feature of demos. Although the Esher demo is an example of the raw, genesis of the track, it still manages to captivate its listeners in it’s timeless elements, providing us with a key snapshot of the world which the Beatles occupied.

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