There are many aspects to Anna and Sonia – AKA Bloom Twins – which make them both wonderfully unique and being identical twins from Ukraine isn’t the main one. Having moved to London at the age of 17, the sisters have made a name for themselves in the world of music, fashion and film. Their signature, dark pop sound caught the attention of Duran Duran who they toured extensively with as a support act. More recently, the twins released their latest single Young Souls and so we took sat them down over a coffee at the picturesque cafĂ© Daisy Green where we saw for ourselves the creative balance between the two.

What was the driving idea behind Young Souls?

Sonia: Our inspiration is that we basically all have to look up to our dream, even when everyone says it’s not a good idea. Like your parents telling you that it’s a bad idea to move to London at the age of 15 but we did it anyway. There’s a dream inside of you – otherwise you’re going to live somebody else’s live and not yours! Your dream can make you forever young and that’s why we called it Young Souls. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can be forever young if you do what you love.

In your promotion for the single you have been dressing up as various icons. Who has been your favourite to cosplay as?

Anna : Audrey Hepburn for me because a lot of people told us we look quite similar. It was so much fun, there was this cat on set who came along and we were like ‘you don’t have a cat right?‘ so he had randomly came in from the roof so we decided to use it (in the photoshoot). This cat was so cute! She couldn’t step back from the camera and was really into it.

Sonia : We wanted to show that all of the iconic things have souls and that they are forever young. They will never die, they will never go out of trend and there will always be something that people will want to watch. That’s why we felt like doing a photoshoot where we have the exact photo but making it alive! At the beginning it would just be the image then at some point something will start moving.

Anna: There was also the idea that people and the photos of them will never die, people will still refer to them like ‘I want to look like Audrey Hepburn, I want to look like Marilyn Monroe! I want to be them, I want to achieve something with my life’ and that’s what we wanted to show.

Can you be old in body but young in soul?

Sonia: If you know what you love that will always keep you alive. We know so many people who are 65 but still so young as there’s such energy that drives them and they’re all in the creative industry, they love what they’re doing. It’s as simple as that. You also see that older people connect with kids so easily!


You both also starred in the independent movie In2ruders, can you tell us a bit about your characters?

Sonia: I’m the bad twin, she’s the good twin! I’m really dangerous and I just want to do what I want to do but my sister – she’s quite sensible. She will tell me what to do all the time and I wouldn’t be okay with it. You kind of feel like there’s a parallel to our lives as well.

Anna: I could agree that I’m very sensible. I love maths so I’m always trying to be logical no matter what and Sonia is more outgoing and creative in many ways. I don’t think we particularly really resemble our characters – I would never do what my character did!


How do you both approach writing songs? Do you both have something which you are separately good at and merge together?

Anna: We don’t try to have a proper structure to how we do things because it’s very important to have your mind open. I love production so for me I spend hours creating a sound in my ears. I love searching for new music constantly so that’s why I spend a lot of time in production and learning about it. Sonia’s really good at melodies and she has an incredible high voice! I have a very low voice but Sonia has this unique way of making the melody very quickly and very instantly and I’m like ‘JESUS CHRIST! JUST LET ME PUT IT IN ORDER!

Sonia: Structure kills the magic, kills the vibe! It’ll only lead us back to the same song.

You have a strong back catalogue of singles, will there be any EPs or albums in the not too distant future?

Anna: Right now we’re working on an EP and I think nowadays it is important to have albums but it’s also important to constantly keep giving singles to listeners. Right now there is so much music going on so you can’t let people get bored waiting for you to write the whole album so that’s why we’re releasing singles every few months and we’re also working on an EP. We’re planning to release it next year but it’s a lot of work so I won’t tell you the months or the days. We have a show on November 7th and after that we have a song which we want to release which is connected to a movie. We’re going to create an incredible video around the movie and around something else…

What do you enjoy most about getting up on stage?

Anna: The People!
Sonia: The energy!


Finally, how would you both describe each other in three words?

Anna: How would I describe Sonia? She’s the two of us are like yin and yang! So we create one whole and perfect union but at the same time we approach things very differently. So like I told you with the songwriting I try to have as many ideas as possible but I try to make it perfect, so I will be trying to define the song. Sonia will come up with ideas here and there…

Sonia: So where are the three words? Those are so many words!

Anna: Oh, you said just three words? Creative, wild and caring.

Sonia: We. Are. One.

Anna: Jesus! I gave all three words and you just disconnect a sentence!


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