Hollow Hand – AKA Brighton based Max Kinghorn-Mills – reconnects us all to a simpler time and place via his sense of wonderment parcelled up within his debut album Star Chamber. 

Star Chamber contains an unfiltered connection to the era of Syd Barrett’s Madcap prose, delving into the hidden mystery of the English countryside, revitalising a genre which seems to have been buried by time. Background sounds within our day to day lives, which are often not consciously picked up by our ears, are gently woven throughout the record which not only has a grounding effect, but emphasises the raw integrity of the album.  Soft melodies and floating rhythms blend together creating a starry-eyed optimism which also shines through in Hollow Hand’s rich vocals which asks us the key questions in life.  End of Everything is one such example due to not only it’s simplistic innocence within the rhythmic flow and layered harmonies, but we are also left in a deep reflection as we’re asked “Is everything you want, everything you need?”.  A whirlwind of colours through a gentle touch of psychedelia is spun throughout as Avalon and Two of Us succeeds in gently warping our minds.

Land of The Free perfectly summarises Star Chamber in it’s gentle, melancholic beat which floats upwards to a crowning crescendo before floating us out on a velvet-soft piano line. If Hollow Hand set out to have us floating away on a current of heart-warming harmonies, bouncing along to optimistic rhythms yet still sat cosy in his intimate, unfiltered detail, then he has certainly succeeded.

Star Chamber is out now.


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