Picture the scene: It’s 2016. April, to be precise. We haven’t Brexited. The US hasn’t Trumped. And Pet Shop Boys have just released arguably their best album to date. Following track by track run throughs of their previous three albums on Spotify – where Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe discuss each number in detail, sometimes with super fan David WalliamsTRASH editor Dan Bull and contributor/pop music enthusiast Will Warren eagerly await a chance to hear what went into each song on Super.

Alas, the track by track did not appear, but left to their own devices they probably, definitely decided to create their own version – listening to each track in detail, researching the producers, working their way through the lyrics as if they were clues in an Indiana Jones film and discussing it all over a can of Red Stripe, in the hope their words could fill the bright, colourful void left by the lack of a Super track by track from the band.

But why stop there? With a shared appreciation for pop music in its many forms, Dan and Will decided to stop talking in the third person – and from here on we’ll be delivering you a track by track run through of what we hope you’ll agree are seminal albums from electronic acts, solo icons, disco legends, girl bands and other “popular music” artists.

As a launch week treat, we’ve got the first 2 episodes ready for your listening pleasure. The aforementioned Super by Pet Shop Boys on episode 1, and on episode 2, we celebrate the third anniversary of Duran Duran‘s Paper Gods. The band have had a huge influence on both of us (the name TRASH is influenced by their 2000 album, Pop Trash) and Paper Gods was such an incredible chapter in the band’s story that we had to take it apart and look at each component like fanboy scientists trying to find the formula.

If you like what you hear don’t forget to subscribe and give us a Super rating (that’s five stars, to be clear), and if you don’t agree that’s probably fine too (unless you’re wrong…) – but be sure to let us know on Twitter: @movetotrashuk #TrackByTrack

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